Instant Knockout Review

Instant Knockout Review

instant knockout review
instant knockout review
One day evening I was working in my clinic and somebody knocked my cabin door almost SCREAMING  with rage. 
To my surprise, it was Josh (One of my old patient/friend ). He was very frustrated, angry and disappointed. As his a year old GF broke up with him for a muscular guy.
Hi there! My name is Dr. Clark I am Specialized in Sexual Health, Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction, Libido Enhancement and Fitness Expert and today I want to share how I helped Josh to get back his confidence and muscular body in just 4 months.
I’m going to show you exactly how we did it in this article, so keep reading
I gave Josh a glass of water and said: “Josh relax first and tell me what exactly happened so that I can give you the better suggestion.”
Josh was very lazy about fitness and exercise. I many time suggested him pay some attention to your fitness or one day you will come back to me crying. 
He was in the relationship with a cute girl for almost a year. 
She also many time forced him to do something about his fitness but it’s our lazy Josh. ignored that too.
and the day arrived when his cute GF ditched him for a handsome and muscular guy.
Have you faced such situation? 
So now Josh wants to Burn his fat as fast as possible. and that too without any side effects.
I suggested him to try Instant Knockout Fat burner.
As this was originally developed for boxers and MMA fighters to burn fat in time. Many of my patients got excellent results.
I thought why not share the story of Josh with world and review about Instant Knockout fat burner so it may help many people like Josh.
You won’t believe but below are the before and after pics of Josh. 🙂  Now he is more energetic, confident and muscular than before. and he is ready to take any challenge.
Josh instant knockout result
Josh’s Transformation

Instant KnockOut Review

Over the years many fat supplements have been produced to give body builders additional help to shed those extra kilos quickly.

While many products use banned ingredients, there are many who rely on synthetic ingredients putting your physical body into a big risk.

Since the market is full of products like these, it gets really difficult to choose one genuine product that would help you with natural ingredient.

Therefore, for today’s review, we came across this new introduced ultra powerful fat burner “Instant Knockout“.

The product was initially produced for MMA fighters and boxers but with great ingredients and even greater results, more and more people are getting interested in buying this product.

The most interesting part of the product is the fact that it targets and eliminates fat from your body and only emphasis on it allow your overall muscles to be retained.

Initially, it was created to help MMA fighters burn fat and prevent from losing strength and muscle.

There is a strong possibility that you have a great body under your body fat build over for many years.

But you cannot see it unless you lose all that extra fat from your body. One of the major problems with other fat burner is that along with the body fat, they can lead to losing of muscles as well.

Instant knockout is one of the few supplements that can allow you to preserve muscles and only focus on burning fat. Let’s look into the brief details of Instant Knockout Fat Burner.


What Is Instant KnockOut?

Instant Knockout is a powerful fat burning formula that promises to help you suppress your appetite and target all the unwanted fat deposits in the body.

It’s a unique and all-new fat burner which is made up of 100% natural ingredients. In this review, we will highlight the potencies and the ingredients to determine the value of this new product in the market.

The most interesting thing about Instant Knockout is that the ingredients are natural giving this product an extra edge over others especially when fitness enthusiasts are looking for natural supplements among many different unnatural products available in the market.

Instant Knockout helps you drop extra weight instantly without compromising with the strength gains and muscles.

It helps in improving endurance, boosting metabolism and eliminating fat. The unique formula keeps your body in a constant fat shredding state.

When we talk about how exactly the product works, Instant Knockout rewires the body by raising the metabolic rate.

As you all know the high metabolic rate is very crucial for effective weight loss. The fat supplement helps your body in using energy which can further raise your metabolism.

That doesn’t mean you should not exercise. You can keep your daily routine and you should monitor your motivation with the amount of fat you end up burning during the exercise and regular supplement intake.

Another way is by stopping you from feeling hungry. You don’t need to worry about completely losing your appetite. Most of you will not have the frequent urge to eat.

Ingredients of Instant Knockout

The first thing that people like to know about the Instant Knockout is the list of active ingredients used to prepare a supplement like this.

There are total 10 active ingredients that are combined properly to produce the synergistic effect to switch off body’s fat storing ability.

Green Tea

Also known as the metabolism booster, Green tea consist of natural antioxidants such as EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate).

This antioxidant start exciting the metabolism causing your main nervous system to drive fat into the bloodstream. This can help your body utilize the fat into fuel instead of letting it accumulate.

The green tea also contains another antioxidant known as catechin polyphenols that can let your body use the carbohydrates slower than the regular days.

This will also increase your stamina and you are more likely to feel energetic every day and will be able to exercise for longer duration.

Another advantage of green tea is the fact that apart from burning the fat in your body, it also prevents your body to create more fat in the body.

The body produces triglyceride with the help of certain food elements you consume to carry out important bodily function.

Triglycerides are very important but leftover triglyceride can turn into fat.

Therefore, Green tea helps in effectively dissolving the remaining triglyceride that your body creates.

That’s how it prevents your body from producing unnecessary fat


The second key ingredient responsible for the maximum fat loss is Glucomannan.

It is the ingredients that lead to notable appetite reducing. That means fewer meals and lesser fat. This ingredient is also called “craving killer“.

The ingredient is extracted from Konjac plant which is well known for containing dietary fiber.

The fiber has the tendency to swell upon the stomach which can make you feel full.

Whenever you feel full, you don’t want to stuff yourself up with lots of food.

That’s how glucomannan reduces your cravings and appetite effectively.

Cayne Pepper

Cayne pepper is not only meant to spice up your meal but has lot more effectiveness.

Cayne pepper contains a component known as capsaicin, which helps in increasing the calorie consumption and also reduces the excess fat stores.

This has also resulted in showing hunger hormones such as ghrelin.

It raises the normal body temperature and in order to cool down, your body uses the energy and ends up burning the calories.

In other words, you could be burning enough calories without even knowing about it.

The first three ingredients mentioned above are the major components of the Instant Knockout formula and also the main contributors to the fat burning system.

However, there are few additional ingredients that provide extra help during the entire process.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin is included to compensate the effect of loss of calories intake.

Since you will be eating less and that means your calorie intake will also be less, you are prone to low blood sugar levels and that’s where Vitamin b6 can help you from restoring the healthy blood sugar and stay healthy.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine Anhydrous is the purest form of caffeine and it works great with cayenne pepper and green tea by simply enhancing their overall effects.

Everyone is aware of the fact that caffeine improves focus and the concentration.

As per the research in recent times, it is suggested that taking caffeine right before the workout can really enhance and improve the workout.

Vitamin B12

This Vitamin is necessary for creating more energy and this is done by transforming the carbohydrates into glucose.


Zinc is known for processing everything you end up eating in order to create fuel and also maintain good energy level.

There is also a strong link between zinc and the production of testosterone which means it helps in enhancing different sexual function.


Chromium provides extra help by regulating the blood sugar level in the body which helps in fat loss. It is also known to help in regulating growth hormone in the body.

Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee bean might allow your body to absorb much fat at a very slow rate, In simple words, your body will be able to absorb less fat than normal.


It is not only the capsaicin but also the piperine, an interesting ingredient found in the black pepper which is responsible for blocking the production of new fat cells.

This further helps in absorbing more nutrients and hence making the ingredients more potent.


All these ingredients are combined in their raw forms to ensure that the after product is all natural. While the active ingredients focus on fat burning and simultaneously work on enhancing the metabolism rate of the body, each component of the ingredients is highly effective.

With such top-notch ingredients, there could hardly be any room for failures.

Side Effects of Instant Knockout

Firstly, all the ingredients used in this supplements are of top quality leaving very less room for any major side effects.

But still if anyone tells you that the fat supplements are side effect free, the person is simply lying to you and that’s why Instant Knockout is also no different.

One of the most commonly known side effects comes from caffeine which can lead to insomnia, headaches, irritability, and drowsiness.

That’s why it is always suggested that you should start with the lowest dose possible at first so that you can let your body assess how well you can respond to Instant Knockout.

If you are afraid of taking a drug test, let us assure you that there are no synthetic or banned substances.

How To Take It?

The bottle of Instant Knockout Burner consists of 500 mg of 120 capsules.

They are designed to be taken almost four times a day.

One during the morning, one at lunch, one in the late afternoon and one prior to the dinner.

The reason for taking four pills is to keep your body in a steady and constant state of boosted metabolic rate.

The Instant Knockout Burner is to be taken between the meals throughout the day which will also help you in reducing your cravings.

In case you are caffeine sensitive, try to skip the last dose of the day and can only take first three doses during the daytime.

Where To Buy?

At present, the Instant Knockout burner is only available exclusively at the manufacturer’s website.

That is basically to reduce the extra cost of taking it to the retailers.

Though the product is little on the expensive side once you take it, you will understand and realize that it’s worth the value.

It’s any day better than wasting your money on something that does not work at all.

They do have distribution centers in UK and US but they can ship almost anywhere in the world.

They also ship to many military bases across the world. The orders get shipped soon except the weekends.

The best part is that the company offer 90 days money back guarantee if you are not able to see the results within three months of using the product.

Instant Knockout gives 100% refund of the payment.

Not everyone can do that. Isn’t it? So, you can go ahead and pick the value packs of two or three bottles based on your requirements and try it for 90 days to see the results.

If you are happy, you know where to buy the next dose from.


So, it’s difficult to pick one thing and say that it’s good, from the quality of ingredients to the purity of the product, everything about Instant Knockout makes it a great product.

The best part is it really works well. for many, the results were visible within a month where they feel the reduction in appetite, boosted metabolism and improving energy levels.

There are many proven benefits of the Instant knockout such as it effectively targets extra fat around your stomach, naturally, suppress your hungry appetite, provide you with sustained energy and allow you to retain the muscles.

After some time, you will potential feel less fatigued and more energetic, making it much easier for you.

This will also give you enough energy to make it through your day and still be able to exercise in the evening.

It is a very clean fat burner with the perfect balance of ingredients such as green tea and caffeine which when taken separately in abundance can really cause lots of harm to your body.

Though the product was designed in keeping bodybuilders and fighters in mind, anyone looking to reduce some extra weight will benefit from this product.

If you are maintaining a good diet and exercising regularly, this fat supplement can give you a completely new body.

All you need to do is keep on doing your regular exercise and take this pills four times between the food throughout the day and Instant Knockout will let you accomplish the rest.

Overall Quality
Fat Burning Effectiveness
Energy Increase
Muscle Strength Increase
Appetite Reduction
Dr Clark is the founder of ClarkReviews and acts as it's chief contributor. He is a Certified Doctor, Specialized in Sexual Health,Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction, Libido Enhancement and fitness enthusiast. Besides managing Clark Reviews, Dr Clark is also a guest columnist for several blogs related to men's health